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    Atomic Weapon Tests Wallpaper


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    For the originals of these images, as well as my information source, check out the High Energy Weapons Archive.

    Castle Bravo (1)Castle Bravo (2)
    Castle Bravo - the most powerful nuclear test by the United States. The device was expected to explode with the energy of 6 megatons of TNT. Instead, the test became the worst radiological disaster in U.S. history when it exploded at 250% the expected output - 15 megatons. If the bomb had exploded in Washington, D.C., radiation levels from fallout would have killed people in New York. The Russians have the record for the largest explosion; a 50 megaton blast from "Tsar Bomba" - "The King of Bombs". They ignored the fact that such a powerful weapon is actually strategically and tactically useless; it was fathered mainly by politics. Most of these bombs were exploded over atolls in the Pacific Ocean. It was the Castle Bravo test and the resulting fallout that caused the evacuation of the indigenous peoples from the Marshall islands. For more information on the Bikini Atoll and the Marshallese, click here.

    Castle Romeo (1)Castle Romeo (2)
    Castle Romeo - the third strongest U.S. weapon, at 11 megatons. They thought this one was going to be 4 megatons, but the surprise was not as unpleasant as for Castle Bravo before it.

    Castle Union
    Another Castle series test, Union, 6.9 megatons.

    Dominic Yeso
    Dominic Yeso - a 3 megaton explosion near Christmas Island.

    Ivy Mike
    Ivy Mike - the first true thermonuclear explosion. 10.4 megatons.

    Plumbob Stokes
    Plumbob Stokes - in Nevada - 19 kilotons.

    Redwing Apache
    Redwing Apache, 1.85 megatons.

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